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Covid Fogging & Disinfection

Protection against Coronavirus for business in Glasgow & Across Central Scotland

anti covid fogging

Kills Covid-19 & All Other Viruses

certificate of hygiene

Certificate Of Hygiene

Protection against Covid-19

Up To 30 Days' Protection

Safe Coronavirus Fogging Glasgow

Chemicals Are Safe To Use

Fogging & Disinfecting In Glasgow & Surrounding Areas

We use the latest technology to disinfect all surfaces in commercial premises, quickly & effectively. Our machine uses electrostatic with with a quantum fogging sanitising solution. In simple terms, the sanitising solution is turned into a very fine mist, which actually surrounds & clings to all surfaces that it touches.

This effectively removes all trace of Corononavirus, and any other bacteria or virus, from all surfaces.

We frequently carry out fogging after a member of staff or customer has tested positive. Some businesses also request us to carry this out on a regular basis. Whether you need a one-off or regular service, please get in touch.

Our fogging teams work across Glasgow & the central belt of Scotland.

Electrostatic fogging in Glasgow

certificate of hygiene Glasgow

Certificate Of Hygiene

After fogging has taken place, we issue a certificate that can be placed on the wall. This outlines the treatment that has taken place & the date. We recommend placing this somewhere near the entrance, or on your social media as it’s a great way of reassuring clients that you’re doing everything possible to keep your business Covid-free.

Please give us a call to discuss fogging & certificates of hygiene.

Up To 30 Days Protection

Our fogging machines uses technology that sprays an electrostatically-charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Because the particles in the spray are positively charged, they actively cling to and coat any surface they’re aimed at.

For awkwardly shaped objects or hard to reach places, our staff only have to point and spray; the nature of the mist allows it to coat surfaces evenly, and envelope objects—even if the mist is only sprayed from one side. After the spray is applied, the sanitising agent works to disinfect the surfaces & also protects for up to 30 days! If you’re based in Glasgow, or the central belt, please give us a call to see how fogging could help protect your staff & customers.

30 day hygiene guarantee
safe fogging glasgow

Safe To Use

Another great feature of our fogging process, is that it’s totally safe for us, our clients & their customers. We do not actually need to wear PPE or masks while fogging. It’s also safe to carry out fogging while people are working, so can be carried out without disrupting the office.

If you’re in retail or hospitality (or any other business with customers on your premises), we can carry out fogging at any time that suits. We are available 24/7, across Glasgow & the central belt of Scotland.

We Carry Out Fogging In All Sectors Across Glasgow & Central Scotland

Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

Retail Shops

Offices & Call Centres

Hair & Beauty Salons

Dentists & GP Surgeries

Industrial Premises


We Can Even Fog Shared Vehicles!

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