Covid-19 Deep Cleaning

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Glasgow, Paisley, Hamilton & Coatbridge

Prestige Commercial Cleaning provide a Coronavirus deep cleaning & fogging (sanitisation) service for offices, shops, restaurants, bars, cafes & other businesses around Glasgow, who are taking a responsible stance against the spread of viruses in the workplace and among customers.

It is a particular challenge for the hospitality industry, and especially the bars, cafes in restaurants in Glasgow. With a high turnover of customers, regular cleaning is a must & scheduled deep cleaning will also help customers & staff (as well as provide re-assurance). Our fogging service is perfect for sanitising a bar or restaurant after a particularly busy weekend, prior to opening or if a member of staff (or a guest) has tested postitive for Coronavirus.

There’s a similar challenge for offices & call centres which now have some staff starting to return. With people sharing an office, not to mention communal areas (kitchens, dining areas, toilets etc), regular deep cleaning is a must to reduce the chance of coronavirus spreading around the staff.

Once a business has re-opened, we’re also able to arrange deep cleaning outwith normal hours to ensure premises are clean & safe for when staff & customers are due to arrive.

Read more about how our deep cleaning service can reduce the spread of Coronavirus / Covid-19…

Deep cleaning & fogging (sanitisation) specialists

Deep cleaning for larger premises, such as offices & call centres etc

Cafes, bars, restaurants, leisure centres etc

Coronavirus deep cleaning for all retail shops, dentists, surgeries, hair & beauty salons etc

High touch areas disinfected (following normal cleaning)

Door handles, keyboards, light switches, work tables & desks, chair backs, kitchen surfaces & taps etc

Certification to prove that deep cleaning has taken place.

24/7 service e.g. we can clean when your offices are closed

Competitive rates & guaranteed reliability

Fogging & Sanitising Glasgow

Fogging & Sanitisation In Glasgow & Surrounding Areas

We use the latest technology to disinfect all surfaces in commercial premises, quickly & effectively. Our machine uses electrostatic with with a quantum fogging sanitising solution. In simple terms, the sanitising solution is turned into a very fine mist, which actually surrounds & clings to all surfaces that it touches.

This makes it an ideal way to effectively remove all trace of Cornonavirus, and any other bacteria or virus, from all surfaces.

We cover all of Greater Glasgow, including Paisley, Clydebank, Kirkintilloch, Coatbridge, Hamilton, East Kilbride…and everywhere in between,.

Certificate Of Hygiene

After sanitising has taken place, we issue a certificate that can be placed on the wall. This outlines the treatment that has taken place & the date. We recommend placing this somewhere near the entrance, or on your social media, as it’s a great way of reassuring clients that you’re doing everything possible to keep your salon Covid-free.

Sanitisation can be carried out as as one-off service. For example, prior to re-opening or if a client/member of staff is diagnosed with Covid-19. For more information, just give us a call on 0141 374 2088 or fill in the contact form below.

Office Deep Cleaning In Glasgow & Surrounding Areas

If an office has been empty due to furloughing, or has only been partially used, deep cleaning can help get it ready for staff returning. This includes floors, walls, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, communal areas and all equipment on desks.

Once the office area has been cleaned, we can (if you require) carry out fogging. This  effectively removes any trace of Cornonavirus, and any other bacteria or virus, from all surfaces.

If a member of staff (or customer) has tested postive for Coronavirus, we can also out fogging (sanitising). This is the perfect way to help restore a safe environment for the rest of your staff. The hygiene certificate also helps demonstrate you’re doing everything possible to reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

We carry out our office deep cleaning service across all of greater Glasgow, including Paisley, Clydebank, Kirkintilloch, Coatbridge, Hamilton, East Kilbride…and everywhere in between.

office deep cleaning Glasgow - Prestige Commercial Cleaning
Deep Cleaning & Fogging - Glasgow

Retail Deep Cleaning & Fogging:
Neal’s Yard Remedies, Glasgow

Neal’s Yard Remedies (Royal Exchange Square) had been temporarily closed, due to the pandemic. We were contacted to help prepare for the re-opening. The shop was already looking beautiful, but the management wanted it to be spotless & safe.

After a routine deep clean, we then sanitised all areas with our fogging machine. This is a really effective measure to ensure that all traces of Covid-19 have been removed, leaving the premised as safe as possible for customers & staff.

If you’re looking for a deep clean in preparation for opening, fogging / sanitisation or a regular deep clean, we will be able to help. We can carry out the work at the time that’s most convenient for your business (we work 7 days & at night), and out service is both professional & affordabale.

Please just give us a call on 0141 374 2088 or fill in the contact form below.

Gallery of photos from Neal’s Yard Remedies

Hair Salon Deep Cleaning:
Lauren Reed Hair Extensions

We recently completed a deep clean at Lauren Reed Hair Extensions. The salon was looking fabulous when we went in to clean just before re-opening, but the salon wanted to ensure that they were taking every possible precaution to protect staff & clients.

After carrying out regular cleaning, we then ensured that every surface has been cleaned & disinfected to remove any trace of Covid-19 (and any other viruses).

We are extremely flexible when it comes to deep cleaning for hair & beauty salons. Firstly, we can obviously come when you’re closed, to ensure there’s no further disruption to your business…so evenings and early mornings are not a problem. Secondly, we’re happy to carry out deep cleaning on a regular basis, or just as & when you think it is required. For more information, just give us a call on 0141 374 2088 or fill in the contact form below.

Follow this link to view more info on how we clean hair & beauty salons.

Hair Salon Deep Cleaning Glasgow - Prestige Commercial Cleaning
Laings - deep cleaning - Glasgow

Retail Deep Cleaning:
Laings, Glasgow

Laings, like all jewellers, have been closed since the end of March. As you can see from the photos, they have done a great job of introducing measures to help reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading within their premises without compromising on the aesthetics of their premises.

In preparation for re-opening after lockdown, they enquired about a deep clean. While it was important that all areas looked amazing after being closed for such a long time, it was vital that there was no lingering trace of any viruses.

After surveying the 3 sites, they were thoroughly cleaned at a convenient time & with minimum contact with staff. As with all deep cleans, literally every surface & object was then disinfected to kill any trace of Covid-19. A certificate was then provided to show that Laings were taking every possble precaution to look after their customers & staff.

To arrange a free site survey & quotation, please call us on 0141 374 2088

Gallery of photos from Laings

More about our coronavirus deep cleaning service…

Our coronavirus deep cleaning service is designed to either complement your existing cleaning programme, or can be scheduled as required (e.g. one-off, once or twice per week, or even daily).

After all surfaces have been cleaned as usual, we then go through a process of disinfecting all high-touch areas with bleach-based cleaning solutions (unfortunately, the environmentally-friendly options are not very successful in killing viruses). This includes desks, light switches, door handles, chair backs & arms, doors & latches on toilet cubicles, kitchen surfaces, board tables etc. We can also include items such as keyboards, phones, photocopiers if you have a lot of shared equipment.

To arrange a free site survey & quotation, please call us on 0141 374 2088

office deep cleaning - Glasgow

What can be done in the workplace and by individuals to prevent spread of Coronavirus / Covid-19?

The current advice for employers, from Health Protection Scotland, is as follows:

Organisations should:

  • Promote good hand hygiene for all staff, volunteers, contractors, service users and visitors.
  • Ensure that adequate facilities are available for hand hygiene, including handwashing facilities that are adequately stocked or alcohol based hand rub at key areas (e.g. entry and exit points).
  • Ensure workers are aware they must not attend for work with COVID symptoms.
  • Ensure that everyone knows what to do if someone becomes symptomatic whilst at work.
  • Ensure environmental cleaning is done regularly.
    – Routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces (e.g. telephones, keyboards, door handles, desks and tables).

    – Ensure that where possible movement of individuals between work stations is minimised and where work spaces are shared there is cleaning between use (e.g. avoid hot desking and instead each individual has a designated desk).
    – Clean work vehicles, between different passengers or shifts as appropriate.
  • Ensure any crockery and cutlery in shared kitchen areas is cleaned with warm general purpose detergent and dried thoroughly before being stored for re-use.
  • Ensure good ventilation (e.g. keep windows open where appropriate).
  • Ensure that individuals are aware of and able to follow the hygiene advice. 
Office disinfecting & sanitising, Glasgow

Additional Commercial Cleaning Services

As Prestige Commercial Cleaning has 3 other divisions, we can offer additional cleaning services. This can save you time, as you only need to deal with one company, as well as saving you money.

The extra cleaning services we provide include:

Who Do We Work With?

We work with companies of all sizes. This includes working with small, independent hair salons & retailers up to national brands. We carry out commercial cleaning on the high street, in office blocks and on industrial estates in Glasgow & across central Scotland (and even further afield for fleet cleaning).

If you need regular cleaning, or a one-off deep clean or fogging service, we will be able to help. Regardless of the size of your business, or your location, you can be guaranteed a very professional service & competitive rates.

The list below includes some of the more well-known companies that we're either working with currently or have carried out a one-off contract in recent months. Hopefully, this will give you some confidence in the quality of service that we're able to provide.

Neal's Yard
Wm Armstrong
Eddie Stobart
David Lloyd

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