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Prestige Commercial Cleaning provide numerous options to keep hair salons & beauty salons in Glasgow clean & safe. As we already worked with hair & beauty salons prior to the pandemic, we understand that businesses classed as “close contact services” in Glasgow, have even more to consider when it comes to cleaning regimes.

We have adapted the services we provide to the hair & beauty industry, to ensure we can provide a professional & affordable service. This will help salon owners demonstrate they are doing everything possible, to make a visit to the salon safe for the client & the staff.

Our specific services include fogging & sanitisation, deep cleans & scheduled cleaning...all at a time that fits around your opening hours (we’re actually available, 24/7).

Regular cleaning service (weekly, twice-weekly etc)

Deep cleans for opening hair & beauty salons

Coronavirus / Covid-19 cleaning

Fogging to sanitise all surfaces

Sanitisation certificates after cleaning

Door handles, chairs, sinks, taps, mirrors & all high-touch surfaces disinfected

24/7 service i.e. we can clean when you are closed

Competitive rates & guaranteed reliability

Fogging & Sanitisation To Fight Covid-19 in Hair & Beauty Salons

We use the latest technology to disinfect all surfaces in hair & beauty salons, quickly & effectively. Our machine uses electrostatic with with a quantum fogging sanitising solution. In simple terms, the sanitising solution is turned into a very fine mist, which actually surrounds & clings to all surfaces it touches.

This makes it an ideal way to effectively remove all trace of Cornonavirus, and any other bacteria or virus, from all surfaces e.g. floors, chairs, sinks, hairdressing & beauty equipment, lights, heaters, fans & air conditioning vents.

We cover all of Great Glasgow, including Paisley, Clydebank, Kirkintilloch, Coatbridge, Hamilton, East Kilbride…and everywhere in between,.

Certificate Of Hygiene

After deep cleaning has taken place, we issue a certificate that can be placed on the wall of your salon. This outlines the treatment that has taken place & the date. We recommend placing this somewhere near the entrance, or on your social media, as it’s a great way of reassuring clients that you’re doing everything possible to keep your salon Covid-free.

Sanitisation can be carried out as as one-off service. For example, prior to re-opening or if a client/member of staff is diagnosed with Covid-19. For more information, just give us a call on 0141 374 2088 or fill in the contact form below.

Fogging & Sanitising Glasgow
Hair Salon Cleaning - Glasgow

Deep Cleaning For Hair Salon & Beauty Salons 

Our deep cleaning service can be carried out whenever a hair or beauty salon thinks it’s appropriate. Recently, we have done a lot of deep cleaning as part opf a salon’s preparation for re-opening. Some salons also like to have a deep clean on a regular basis (e.g. monthly or fortnightly).

A deep clean consists of a regular clean service, which ensures all floors, walls, sinks, rooms etc are left spotlessly clean. In addition to this, we then disinfect all surfaces to ensure that any trace of Coronavirus has been removed.

To arrange a free site survey & quotation, please call us on 0141 374 2088.

Regular Cleaning Service For Hair & Beauty Salons in Glasgow

While juniors are usually responsible for the day-to-day cleaning & hygiene, a lot of salons still need to have their premises professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

While it’s nice to have a hair salon that looks clean, the real value is in the reassurance that professional cleaning gives to both clients & staff. In the new normal, the safety of a visit to a salon is as as important to some people as the quality of the cut & colour or facial. 

For more information, just give us a call on 0141 374 2088 or fill in the contact form below.

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